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more gig news – Fri 24th / Tue 28th April

OvW flyer

the next gig & the gig after that: it’s all about gigs, right

 Playing a free gig at Cool Cats’ Café in Camberwell – God, that trips off the tongue nicely, doesn’t it – tomorrow night, with Man Bites Dog (NB change of headliner there).

The following week… on Tue 28th… am playing a gig here in Brighton, also free, with Sanity FM – courtesy of Overhead Wires.

Then there’s more stuff, but we’ll get to that in due course – hand in hand, down the path of darkness and evil.

24th April: London gig

c cats poster

if only all flyers looked this good…

I’m playing at the Cool Cats’ Café in Camberwell on Fri 24th (free entry, onstage 9pm).  Here’s the Facebook event.

It’ll be a long set – 35-45 mins – supporting Rhonda and the Great Unknown.

Feels good to write something upbeat after my somewhat combative previous post… heartfelt as that was.  Looking forward to this – come see, come hear!

NO POSITIVE VIBES!!! (a proposal)


we’ve all been there, right?

I’m thinking of starting my own regular music/performance event here in Brighton.

There’s a lot of smug, cosy, middle-of-the-road bullshit for grownup children – and very little that’s genuinely got any darkness or challenge to it.  Something has to be done, and soon.  Therefore, I propose:

1st shot

free (new!) EP on Soundcloud

self poss revised copy

back ii REVISED copy











Cuts in a deeper vein…  This is much more lo-fi and messed-up than the single, but if you’ve stayed with me (and enjoyed what you’ve heard) so far, I think we can trust each other…







gig, chatroom, radio (twice) – a good night

Normally I hate and fear February, but this one’s already shaping up to be an exceptionally good month.  All in one night, did a gig:

bibendum i









Then had In The Evil Empire played on MuseBoat Radio (on TJ’s Muse Bridge… old-fashioned, but I still get a kick out of hearing my stuff introduced by an American voice)… and went into the site chatroom during the programme, which was an interesting new experience – and fun, if nail-biting…  and then found out the track was also being played on Source FM the same night, on a prog called Random Jukebox.

Phew.  Actually this was last night, so am still a little jangled.  Hope this post made sense – if not, apply for a refund to the usual address.  Buz buz.  xx


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