behold Waterghosts on film

watch on Youtube

A 3-part video of the Waterghosts live performance at St Mary’s Church (Brighton Fringe Festival) can now be watched on Youtube.

I’m in Part 2 (see above) – here’s Part 1 & Part 3.

It’s an astonishing document, really captures the intensity and strangeness.  Have a look, draw yr own conclusions…

Next time, I’ll put up the first of those live vids from the recent festival @ Brighton Arts Club.  Check back in a few days!


live video & next gig (7th Sept)


That’s my next gig – this Sunday (7th Sept) at The Ranelagh in Brighton.  Here’s the link.

And here’s a link to a live performance video, which can be watched on my Facebook page.  It’s a solo acoustic version of In The Evil Empire, recorded to camera, so that’s “live” but not LIVE live.  Trust me, it makes sense.

Speaking of gigs, I’ve got a couple of other vids taken from my recent turn at Brighton Arts Club’s Music Festival – will post those shortly.

Radio Reverb show online forever

Listen here on Soundcloud.

That’s the hour-long show I recorded for Radio Reverb (aired August 24th), as mentioned previously.

Try it – there’s four live songs, some spoken word and some lo-fi electronic stuff exclusive to the programme.


Next one’s this Sunday at The Ranelagh, should be good… The Brighton Arts Club Music Festival last weekend was a blast, and I’ve got video evidence which I’ll share on here soon.


even! more! August!!!


LINKS!!!  I got em up to the eyeballs!!!

GIGS!!!  At The Eagle (above) & Brighton Arts Club Music Festival.

RADIO!!!  The spoken-word/music special I made for Radio Reverb, held over from last month – details here.

PHOTO!!! Just because – at DollFace last week (by Crysi de Milo):





August: gigs & internet flotsam

As mentioned below, my Radio Reverb programme’s now going out at the end of August.  Still sounds good.

Got a few gigs lined up for Aug-Sept – with more tbc – and am getting ready for the launch of my first single with The Animal Farm.

What else?  A brief video memento of the Waterghosts performance in Kingston can be found on my Facebook.  It captures the oddity.

And that, so far, is my shiny wallet of news.  More soon!


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