Halloween ’15: live vid

Mere words can’t really do it justice  – so here’s the blurb from Youtube:

Heckled by Satan! Attacked by Dark Spiders!
Even so, 3 songs performed live on All Hallows’ Eve before various pagan beings… I leave the rest to yr fevered imaginations… (includes a brief tribute to Lou Reed) x


Container Drivers Radio: more play for “Lilith”


The mighty Container Drivers Radio have playlisted Lilith on their 6th November show – follow the link to listen (shows are also briefly archived on Soundcloud).

Once again, check that playlist…  It’s good to be heard in this kind of company:

  1. The Fall – Bourgeois Town
  2. Ashley Reaks & Joe Hakim – The Principles of Paranoia
  3. Shareholder – Previous
  4. Cheatahs – Channel View
  5. Matt Finucane – Lilith
  6. Dr. Ryan – Chip Synth Chopin Etude in C – Opus 10, No. 1
  7. Kanoi –  On And On And On
  8. Don Carlos – Harvest Time
  9. Reykjavictim – Illusion
  10. Mammoth Penguins  – Strength In My Legs
  11. Gene – For the Dead
  12. Run DMC – It’s Like That
  13. Rolo Tomassi – Opalescent
  14. Nojalis – Wunderschatze

…Good stuff.  Also, a quick reminder – am getting played on MuseBoat radio tomorrow night (with live chatroom) – see previous entry for details.  Hail, Lilith!

airplay for Lilith – Nov 8th, MuseBoat Radio

musebt shot

MuseBoat Radio

Las Vegas, baby!
Lilith gets some airplay from 10pm Sunday on TJ’s MuseBridge, courtesy MuseBoat Radio, plus loads of other new music.  They’ve got a live chatroom too, which should be fun (I’ll be there…).
Full info:

“Join us on Sunday, November 8th, 2015 in TJ’s Musebridge on museboat radio – LISTEN & CHAT show at 10pm London ~ 11pm Berlin ~ 5pm New York ~ 2pm Las Vegas ~ 8pm Rio de Janeiro ~ 9am Sydney time here:

MOBILE ACCESS @ for all mobile devices.

Bittersweet Collapse – The Edge
Bob Sparks – Celebration
Ejk – K9
I&SON AND Marek Starx FEAT Angela Terace Trippe – Returning Home
Katsumi Yoshihara / Rock – Under Construction
Killer Clown – Monastary
***Matt Finucane – Lilith***
The Magneto Flobe – Faith No More
The Van Burens – Save Your Prayers
WYLD PARADISE – Modern times
AC G – Ed Wood
Bang Bang Rouge – Forever Dawn
Eugene Rodin – Epidemic
Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band – Just Like Bonnie & Clyde
MAF – Mafland
Maggie Baugh – Midnight Muddin
No One Sun – Lyra
OneLegMan – Bricks And Concrete
Red Cabin – The Pull”

LILITH – Oct 30th – new single out today

LILITH cover

My 2nd single released on The Animal Farm comes out today.  It can be found on Amazon, iTunes, my Bandcamp site & others – if you’d like to listen first, might I direct you to Soundcloud.  I’ll also have a few promo CDs on hand at the Halloween gig I’m playing, if anyone fancies being scared witless.

This song has a more rockist vibe than the previous single – but with big spooky drums booming through caverns of dream and nightmare – and I like it a lot.  Obviously, hope you do too.  Check it out  xx

…& here’s the lo-fi, no-£ and unusual video that goes with it:

Brighton Source reviews “Lilith”

The esteemed Brighton Source has given Lilith a very nice write-up (with Soundcloud link) here – scroll down to the 3rd item in their “Locally Sourced” October column.  This is gratifying & satisfying… these guys know their stuff and don’t review just anyone… so I couldn’t let it slip by without a mention.  Have a read – there’s more music to discover there too.


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