live videos, vague hints

Got a single coming out at the end of November…  So it’s time to start dangling vague, tantalising hints under yr nose like a diaphanous silken scarf rippling in the aromatic breeze of rumour – you know how it is.  Consider that a ripple, then.  More news very soon.

Meanwhile, there are 2 vids on Facebook of my gig at the Brighton Arts Club music festival in August (new songs, too) – have a look.

behold Waterghosts on film

watch on Youtube

A 3-part video of the Waterghosts live performance at St Mary’s Church (Brighton Fringe Festival) can now be watched on Youtube.

I’m in Part 2 (see above) – here’s Part 1 & Part 3.

It’s an astonishing document, really captures the intensity and strangeness.  Have a look, draw yr own conclusions…

Next time, I’ll put up the first of those live vids from the recent festival @ Brighton Arts Club.  Check back in a few days!


live video & next gig (7th Sept)


That’s my next gig – this Sunday (7th Sept) at The Ranelagh in Brighton.  Here’s the link.

And here’s a link to a live performance video, which can be watched on my Facebook page.  It’s a solo acoustic version of In The Evil Empire, recorded to camera, so that’s “live” but not LIVE live.  Trust me, it makes sense.

Speaking of gigs, I’ve got a couple of other vids taken from my recent turn at Brighton Arts Club’s Music Festival – will post those shortly.

Radio Reverb show online forever

Listen here on Soundcloud.

That’s the hour-long show I recorded for Radio Reverb (aired August 24th), as mentioned previously.

Try it – there’s four live songs, some spoken word and some lo-fi electronic stuff exclusive to the programme.


Next one’s this Sunday at The Ranelagh, should be good… The Brighton Arts Club Music Festival last weekend was a blast, and I’ve got video evidence which I’ll share on here soon.


even! more! August!!!


LINKS!!!  I got em up to the eyeballs!!!

GIGS!!!  At The Eagle (above) & Brighton Arts Club Music Festival.

RADIO!!!  The spoken-word/music special I made for Radio Reverb, held over from last month – details here.

PHOTO!!! Just because – at DollFace last week (by Crysi de Milo):






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