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In The Evil Empire is released today by The Animal Farm – it can be bought on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and all the others.  I even have some CDs, but those are for sale at gigs.

Speaking of gigs, there’s a launch event in 2 days here in Brighton – Phantom Hound #1 in Kemptown.  The venue (At The Coach House) is unusual and the lineup’s great.  Also, it’s free.

Here’s the single’s artwork in all its splendid ugliness:




airplay! “Evil Empire” on The Seance

Screenshot 2014-11-19 20.27.15
In The Evil Empire is being played on ace radio show The Séance - “phantom seaside radio”, as it says.
It’ll probably be on next week’s show, broadcast at 6pm on Radio Reverb on 97.2FM Saturday and throughout the week, then archived on The Séance site (and at totallyradio) the following Friday.
How cool is that?
Next… news of the launch gig.

Gig (15 Nov) & Container Drivers Radio play-uh

Screenshot 2014-11-04 21.01.03

bloody hell, look at that playlist!

2 things – quickly:

1) Container Drivers Radio played In The Evil Empire on their show for November 1st.  Follow the link for a great programme.

2) Got a gig here in Brighton on Saturday 15th – an all-dayer, Something Wholly Inappropriate, with a splendid lineup.

Carry on  xx

EDIT: here’s the Container Drivers programme’s Soundcloud link

a grove of totem poles: Craft in the Woods

Craft in the Woods Festival, Future Roots area, October 4th

A strange and rewarding couple of days: thanks to Anthony of Express Yourself Collective for the invite to play on Saturday and Sunday.  (An odd feeling, making a long way home through a forest in heavy dusk after a gig – especially alone on the second evening, felt like I was walking in step with the ghosts of a Roman legion… or maybe it was smoke inhalation from the bonfire.)

Otherwise, my 1st single with The Animal Farm comes out on November 24th – launch night Wed 26th.  More soon.


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