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…but before that (Good for What Ails You, 5th July)


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Before Phantom Hound on 8th July, I’m playing a short set at Good For What Ails You, at the Bee’s Mouth.  It’s eclectic, it’s cheap to get in, it starts at 5pm on Sunday 5th.  The last one (I went as a punter) was mental.  Check it out:

“This month’s eruditional jamboree steps up to the pulpit to present you WORDS of POWER, TALES of WISDOM, JAPES of WRATH, TASSELS of RIGHTEOUSNESS with Jimmy Bullet, Johnny Wardlow, Muffy Hunter, Matt Finucane, Fraser Geesin Leisure Centre and MC Dan Belton”

GIG, 8th July, Brighton – PHANTOM HOUND presents…

FINAL copy iii

cute, isn’t he

 EVENT page

This is going to be a very interesting gig.  (In a good way.)

It features super-powerful performance poet Gary Goodman, renowned multi-instrumental improviser Alistair Strachan, some attention-whore with an Irish surname that’s hard to pronounce, and devastatingly dark new talent Rochelle McLean.

And it happens in one of the – if not thecoolest venues in Brighton.  Wed 8 July, folks.  It may be Summer, but BRING BACK DARKNESS.

live video: “Moon Madness” @ Icarus Club

A professionally-filmed version of new number Moon Madness from the Icarus Club gig in London, shot with fantastic atmosphere by Henry D. C. Williams.  Quite an odd song, this one – great that it turned out so well.  Nice venue, too.


2 gigs: Worthing & Brighton, 11 & 14 June


a handsome flyer

1) playing at FortyTwo, Worthing on Thursday 11th at Greg Vernon’s EP launch – great line-up

2) playing at Molly Malone’s here in Brighton on Sunday 14th, for StrungOut Music

…Both free gigs.  Both will rock.  You, if you come, can bring the roll.  x


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