even! more! August!!!


LINKS!!!  I got em up to the eyeballs!!!

GIGS!!!  At The Eagle (above) & Brighton Arts Club Music Festival.

RADIO!!!  The spoken-word/music special I made for Radio Reverb, held over from last month – details here.

PHOTO!!! Just because – at DollFace last week (by Crysi de Milo):





August: gigs & internet flotsam

As mentioned below, my Radio Reverb programme’s now going out at the end of August.  Still sounds good.

Got a few gigs lined up for Aug-Sept – with more tbc – and am getting ready for the launch of my first single with The Animal Farm.

What else?  A brief video memento of the Waterghosts performance in Kingston can be found on my Facebook.  It captures the oddity.

And that, so far, is my shiny wallet of news.  More soon!

words/music/more words – a dish of news, July ’14

rvb notes June

this, on the radio

I’ve got an hour of spoken word and live music coming out on Radio Reverb, hopefully on Sun 27 July at 11pm (then repeated three times the following week).  A preview of the first two and a half minutes can be heard here.  That’s 97.2FM kids.*

It was a buzz to put together – and very nice to be asked, obviously – kind of nerve-wracking too, as there’s lots of improv and split-second decisions… If I manage to hold yr attention, unsettle you a bit: good.  For sixty minutes, though?  Well, I think it holds up.  Listen in, see if you agree.

Otherwise, got some gigs coming – including a London leg of Waterghosts.  It’s all getting very interesting.

And once again – because you’re no-one if you aren’t selling a piece of yrself nowadays (NB. I have no problem with this)… Do check out this recently-released album, which features a track of mine.

The radio programme, of course, is free.


*& it’s now going out on Sun 24th August.  Not sure what happened there, but it’s confirmed for broadcast on this date.


new track released by Container Drivers / Russian Winter records, June ’14


My new song Stroke of Noon has just been released on a compilation by Container Drivers Radio & Russian Winter Records and can be bought here.

The comp’s available as a download or limited edition CD in two volumes – my track closes vol. 1 – and like Container Drivers’ programme, it’s well worth checking out overall.  It also features Rollor, Kill Pretty, Snide Rhythms and the prettily-named Spewing Cum, among other good stuff – cast yr jaundiced eyes and ears upon it!

new spoken word & music special on Radio Reverb

2014-06-11 17.44.00

the master plan

I’ve been given a whole hour on Radio Reverb (97.2FM) to play with, on the programme Tales from a Coldean Woodshed, sometime soon.  It’s a one-off special, and it will be oh so special…  Spoken word, interview, a few live acoustic songs (some of my new ones).

More details soon – for now, take a look at the rough plan above…


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