Evil Empire: 1st review

Advance word from Monolith Cocktail on the forthcoming single – a review of the lyrics video, here.

Apparently it’s a thing of “resigned beauty”, and I’m told being called “surly” was a compliment - fair enough…

The video’s embedded too, so if you haven’t seen it yet, do watch it on channel Monolith.  I’m on a roll and this is a good one.

a new lyrics video: see here!


This is the lyrics video to forthcoming single In The Evil Empire, the first of three due to be released on The Animal Farm in 2014.  It was a lot of fun to make, and hopefully is to watch – try it and see.



Waterghosts @ Brighton Fringe, May 2014


A while ago now, I wrote about a project I’m involved in called Waterghostshere’s the original entry.

It’s finally happening: at the Brighton Fringe in May at St Mary’s Church, and should be wonderfully mental.

Won’t say more at present – largely because I don’t know much more myself - but I’ll be performing a spoken word piece, and there’ll be music / sound, dancers, sculpture, and a certain amount of the kind of thing you see in the photo above.  (That’s not me up there btw but Jamie Sturrock, whose brainchild all of this holy madness is.  Sorry, but I ain’t going topless…)  Rehearsals start soon – can’t wait.

Full listing in the Brighton Fringe programme, here.

studio diary expanded edition

it’s an easter egg, it’s the director’s cut, it’s the crazy world of Arthur Brown

Here’s an expanded, mostly rewritten version of my recent studio diary – more insight, more hilarity, more… words – featured at The Zine, a lovely publication which you should read.

Do so: here.

More news soon.

a short film about recording


Well, I say “film” – it’s more a random selection of lo-fi clips.  Still, hopefully it conveys some of the fun (and sheer hard work) of recording at The Animal Farm, as described before.  Glamorous it isn’t, but as a brief insight it should slip down nicely.  Take a look – 3 days in 2 minutes!


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