GIFT OF FEAR (the book): PUBLISHED TODAY – plus vid #4

Gift of Fear

20 tales of terror, the supernatural and the super-real: a richly-varied journey from the horrors of the human mind to the depths of space.

You’ll meet people in these pages whose fearful struggles will grab you hard, and some you’ll wish you’d never met at all…  But either way, you won’t forget them.

Evil beings, experiments gone hideously wrong, psychopaths, erotic maniacs in league with the outer gods, sinister corporations and ghosts from the future.  If you get nightmares, just remember: it’s THE GIFT OF FEAR.

available on Kindle not for free, but very reasonably priced (here’s a little background info, if you’re interested in that sort of thing).

& here’s the final part of It Is Written on Youtube, a story taken from the book:

A lucky 13 days from Xmas!

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