Another story published by Ether Books (and it’s FILTH)

MF bleeder

Internet short fiction publisher Ether Books has just published another story of mine as a free download.  This one’s called Lucky Bleeder, and was performed in London by White Rabbit at one of their Are You Sitting Comfortably events in 2012.  It’s about sex – of an unpleasantly strenuous kind – and has already been rated 5/5 by a reader, with the succinct review “Whoah!  Amazing!”  What else?  It’s 666 words long, which was pure coincidence.

It can also be found in my recent Kindle compilation, The Gift of Fear.

The Ether app can be downloaded from iTunes here.

…Next up: a spoken-word track on this site in a week, with some really strange incidental music.  I had a lot of fun with this one (and the above-mentioned) and hopefully so will you.

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