FREE spoken word track: Wrong Man, Wrong Part

Can’t see the player?  Click the link below

Here’s a free download on Bandcamp: a reading taken from the anthology Gift of Fear.  It’s a short story with incidental sounds/music – something I’ve done before (on the Episodes EP for instance), but with more shape to it this time.

Have a listen – it’s the tale of an aspiring actor who gets in over his head, in a strange place based on a decaying studio complex in East London where my old band rehearsed for a while (if anything, I’ve downplayed its mouldering piss-soaked squalor)… weirdness ensues.  As ever.

Hope you enjoy it, and the backing track – which was assembled from an improvised guitar/synth loop thing I recorded live onto cassette, and some programmed stuff on an ancient, ancient piece of sequencing software called Protracker.  Speaking of recording, all the basic guitar tracks for the next album are now done; more on that another time.

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