Water Ghost whispers

report ii

the logbook…

It’s been a while, but then this time of year’s rarely very dramatic.  Been busy, however; working on vocals for a new album, doing a final polish of a novel… and finding new collaborators in music.

Lately, the focus is on improvising, found sounds and field recordings – for instance, a spoken word piece I just did with a sound artist named Jamie Sturrock.

He’d produced a very eerie, very atmospheric soundscape called water ghosts, based on noises obtained by dangling a mic into an underground cavern in Scotland; it’s remarkable.  I wrote a prose response after sitting in the dark with it, going into phantasmagoric visions… and then recorded this with him.  (I love a good condenser mic, it’s like being a radio announcer in the 1940′s.)  The results, when finished, may be released at some point – on a US cassette label apparently – but that’s out of my hands, and part of a larger ongoing project.  More news on this when I have it.

Anyway, it’s very exciting so far; Jamie’s website (with water ghosts toward the bottom of the page) can be found here.

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