gig, chatroom, radio (twice) – a good night

Normally I hate and fear February, but this one’s already shaping up to be an exceptionally good month.  All in one night, did a gig:

bibendum i









Then had In The Evil Empire played on MuseBoat Radio (on TJ’s Muse Bridge… old-fashioned, but I still get a kick out of hearing my stuff introduced by an American voice)… and went into the site chatroom during the programme, which was an interesting new experience – and fun, if nail-biting…  and then found out the track was also being played on Source FM the same night, on a prog called Random Jukebox.

Phew.  Actually this was last night, so am still a little jangled.  Hope this post made sense – if not, apply for a refund to the usual address.  Buz buz.  xx

playing live Sun 8 Feb – come, of yr own free will…

Ebourne flyer

Facebook event page

Looks fun.  Free gig, promoted by the very talented Jacob Szulecki - and I say that not as a suck-up, but because I genuinely have no idea how he plays the stuff he does on guitar.  Anyway, he’s assembled some meaty talent for this event – come see & hear.

Also, I’ve got new songs to play!  That’s always a buzz – and if I get a buzz, you get a buzz.  Reasonable, innit.


launch gig video – 2 songs with horns

Here’s an extract from the launch gig, as threatened – two songs (In The Evil Empire & Self Possession, which features improvisation and death-cries).  It was a lovely night, and hopefully this captures some of the energy.  Have a look:


poster FINAL copy

In The Evil Empire is released today by The Animal Farm – it can be bought on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and all the others.  I even have some CDs, but those are for sale at gigs.

Speaking of gigs, there’s a launch event in 2 days here in Brighton – Phantom Hound #1 in Kemptown.  The venue (At The Coach House) is unusual and the lineup’s great.  Also, it’s free.

Here’s the single’s artwork in all its splendid ugliness:




Gig (15 Nov) & Container Drivers Radio play-uh

Screenshot 2014-11-04 21.01.03

bloody hell, look at that playlist!

2 things – quickly:

1) Container Drivers Radio played In The Evil Empire on their show for November 1st.  Follow the link for a great programme.

2) Got a gig here in Brighton on Saturday 15th – an all-dayer, Something Wholly Inappropriate, with a splendid lineup.

Carry on  xx

EDIT: here’s the Container Drivers programme’s Soundcloud link


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