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Balcony Session live: behind the scenes


fireworks, car alarms, gales and rain – sometimes pressure works best

Here are a few pics taken by Andrew Nicholls & others at Angle Magazine HQ in Eastbourne last week – where I went to perform a live music video as part of their Balcony Sessions series.  It was slickly and efficiently run, and a lot of fun – played a song called Threaten Me with Your Love, went pretty well… climate and other distractions aside.

My thanks to the guys at Angle, and look out for the session on their website.



more pics on Angle’s Facebook page

Tue 25 Aug: next gig, Brighton

OvW Aug

event page here

 Sooo…  In 2 weeks’ time, I’ll be playing an Overhead Wires gig here in Brighton, at the Mucky Duck.  Free entry, full-length set (I’m on first, btw)… Might play a new song or two.  Anyway, do come along: it’ll be a good night.

ALSO, if you can find 1 of the 3 flyers with writing on the back that I’ve left around Brighton (see below), I’ll give you a free CD or download code – your choice.  They’re in Resident Records, Brighton Guitars & Punker Bunker.  Go!

OvW Aug stunt

Trans Pride & beyond (10 Aug GIG)


 can you tell which one’s me?

Had a blast backing Crysi di Milo at Trans Pride last weekend (then in a sex-dungeon at Fag Machine on Wed 29th).  We absolutely killed, so might go into a studio soon and make some horrendous noise, see what happens.  Both events were lovely and it was a privileged buzz to play a – very minor, but fun – part.

What next for my solo stuff?  A gig at Bleeding Hearts Club @ The Rialto Theatre here in Brighton, Mon 10 August.  It’s going to be intense – as always.

…but before that (Good for What Ails You, 5th July)


EVENT page

Before Phantom Hound on 8th July, I’m playing a short set at Good For What Ails You, at the Bee’s Mouth.  It’s eclectic, it’s cheap to get in, it starts at 5pm on Sunday 5th.  The last one (I went as a punter) was mental.  Check it out:

“This month’s eruditional jamboree steps up to the pulpit to present you WORDS of POWER, TALES of WISDOM, JAPES of WRATH, TASSELS of RIGHTEOUSNESS with Jimmy Bullet, Johnny Wardlow, Muffy Hunter, Matt Finucane, Fraser Geesin Leisure Centre and MC Dan Belton”

2 gigs: Worthing & Brighton, 11 & 14 June


a handsome flyer

1) playing at FortyTwo, Worthing on Thursday 11th at Greg Vernon’s EP launch – great line-up

2) playing at Molly Malone’s here in Brighton on Sunday 14th, for StrungOut Music

…Both free gigs.  Both will rock.  You, if you come, can bring the roll.  x


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