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speaking of evil regimes…

While I remember, here’s a vid from a recent gig at Cool Cats’ Café in London: In The Evil Empire.  It was a protest song when I wrote it, and sadly now even more so.  (Besides looking like it was filmed through a sniper’s night-sight, it’s also quite different to the recorded version – have a goggle…)

1st gig under new evil regime: 14th May, LDN

10478718_967693046588345_5939466678025009190_nEvent pg here

 Well, you takes your vote and you makes your choice.  And the nation has chosen.  For FUCK’S SAKE (and yes, I fully understand the concept of democratic representation – that’s what makes it so damn depressing).

Instead of curling up and weeping with despair, I’ve got a gig to do – Thur 14th May, Icarus Club @ Pelton Arms, Greenwich, free entry, doors 8pm.  The format’s a bit different: all 5 acts do 2 short sets each.  Also appearing are the mighty Bruise, Yeti Love, Charlie Hole Music & Little Beach.

It’ll be great, and in an age of austerity it’s free to get in.  Come!

launch gig video – 2 songs with horns

Here’s an extract from the launch gig, as threatened – two songs (In The Evil Empire & Self Possession, which features improvisation and death-cries).  It was a lovely night, and hopefully this captures some of the energy.  Have a look:

live videos, vague hints

Got a single coming out at the end of November…  So it’s time to start dangling vague, tantalising hints under yr nose like a diaphanous silken scarf rippling in the aromatic breeze of rumour – you know how it is.  Consider that a ripple, then.  More news very soon.

Meanwhile, there are 2 vids on Facebook of my gig at the Brighton Arts Club music festival in August (new songs, too) – have a look.

Radio Reverb show online forever

Listen here on Soundcloud.

That’s the hour-long show I recorded for Radio Reverb (aired August 24th), as mentioned previously.

Try it – there’s four live songs, some spoken word and some lo-fi electronic stuff exclusive to the programme.


Next one’s this Sunday at The Ranelagh, should be good… The Brighton Arts Club Music Festival last weekend was a blast, and I’ve got video evidence which I’ll share on here soon.



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