dirty video

I wanted bukkake, I got kabuki…

Been working on a vid for Wet Dream Disaster, and it’s nearly finished.

It was a lot of fun to make – cheap and nasty (like me).  The starting point was Andy Warhol’s Screen Test series; I thought, “what could be cheaper than just pointing the camera?”  Wanted it to be four minutes of deadpan, a real endurance test – at first I didn’t even want to lip-synch, but caved in as usual after a little pressure.  Given that there was to be movement of sorts, after all, more variety was also required.  So the reasoning, if you could call it that, was “okay, something that fits the lyrics…  Why not porn?  Not real porn, obviously.  That’d just be silly, squalid and defeating for all concerned.  But then again, something ridiculous could work; something clownish and over the top.  How about bukkake?”

… It was all good clean fun.  Had to shower three times to get the gunk off my face and hair, but that’s hardly suffering for one’s art (or its defacement).  Video’s due next year.

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