interviewed / album release Monday 25th July

Well.  This coming Monday the album’s on sale – Bandcamp, Amazon, you name it.  CD copies can be had at gigs.

Been working toward this for so long, it’s kind of hard to take in; I’m very happy with the album, but it’s the creation of an earlier self enduring some difficult times (and mining them for music).  In fact, I’ve already made significant progress on the follow-up.

Still, it’s quite a piece of work.  Judge for yourself, as of Monday 25th July.

Good to hear it on the airwaves, too: in the run-up to release, did an interview yesterday on Radio Reverb  here in Brighton with Jeff Hemmings.  It went smoothly well, had a couple of tracks played, talked nonsense, did my best not to laugh like a loon.  (It was fun, I was buzzed with adrenaline and due-ness of album – what the hell.)

So what’s next?  Gigs.  As many as I can get.  O yes.


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