radio gig verdict

That was fun.  Played three songs live (solo acoustic) and read a short story, on BHCR‘s Under The Table programme, Thur eve.  The songs were Into It, Love Unknown and Clumsy – album versions here – and the story was Complaint from the Other World, recently re-published by Ether Books: more on that here.

It’s already starting to feel like an “anthology perennial” in a weird way – y’know how obscure old horror/ghost story writers have that one tale that crops up again and again in paperback collections…?  Hubristic as it sounds, I reckon this story’s the fiction equivalent of the bullet with my name on it – does keep cropping up, sorta.  And if that’s so, I’m happy with it.

Which isn’t to say ambition doesn’t still gravel my arse.  To do better in writing, but more immediately in music.  Thankfully, that part went smooth as an adrenaline icecream.   Hopefully, I’ll have some recordings as evidence soon.  If not, ya shoulda lissened, shoontcha?

Thanks to Nigel & Pierce – and btw, James Herbert has oddly sketchy handwriting…  (I signed the guestbook: his was the previous entry.)


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