“I heard the Velvet Underground and formed a band.  Nothing else made any sense: simple as that.”

Brighton based singer/writer/horror freak Matt Finucane takes his influences from Lou Reed, Mark E Smith and horrible electronic noise (despite primarily performing on acoustic guitar), and is happy to be “an explorer and purveyor of the wonderfully unconventional and confrontational”, as Ringmaster Reviews wrote.

“I started playing in bands because it’s the highest you can legally get: the most immediate form of creation there is. But with my mileage it’s easier to keep some illusion of dignity as a solo act…”

His two self-released solo albums – This Mucky Age (2011) & Glow in the Dark (2012) – scored excited reviews, and his DIY ethic got a further boost from BBC Introducing: South (Matt’s live radio debut was a session on 24th June 2012).

“I’ve done a chequered variety of jobs, including tour guide, janitor, lab assistant and night porter in a haunted hotel in Oxford…  Briefly considered becoming an escort, but a long conversation with a rent-boy on a train in Seattle put me off, and now it’s much too late.”

Matt also writes horror and science fiction stories and contributes spoken word pieces on various radio shows.  At 2014’s Brighton Fringe he gave a spoken word performance as part of Waterghosts, “a ritual happening in a huge church”.

Matt’s latest release is his second single on The Animal FarmIn The Evil Empire came out in November 2014, and Lilith followed in October 2015.

He’s now working on new material for 2017, has finished another album and recently put together a live band.

“It’s a way of life, not a lifestyle.”


Some of Matt’s short fiction, published and otherwise, can be seen in video form on Youtube here

His misspent youth in art-rock nightmare Empty Vessels can be heard here