Container Drivers Radio: play “Letting It Go”

cdr screen

Container Drivers Radio have included my track Letting It Go on their programme for 5th August – listen here.  As ever, it’s a great playlist:

  1. The Fall – Pledge
  2. Factory Floor – Ya
  3. Angel Olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me
  4. Fad Gadget – Back To Nature
  5. Big Joanie – Dirt In My Mouth
  6. Drop Nineteens – Kicking The Tragedy
  7. Marie Davidson – Je Ne T’Aime Pas
  8. Alternative – Anti-Christ
  9. Vodun – Legba’s Feast
  10. The Cave Singers – Dancing On Our Graves
  11. Matt Finucane – Letting It Go
  12. Black Market Karma – The Whites Of Your Eyes
  13. Misty In Roots – Judas Iskariot
  14. Secoya – Ruins
  15. Dinosaur Jr – Going Down

A good programme, as you can see.  Check it out, because they don’t archive – like analogue old skool, once it’s gone, it’s gone…

Self Possession free EP (reprised)


Here’s a free-download EP from back in Feb 2015, now available on Bandcamp – have a listen.  It’s a bit more lo-fi and unpolished than the stuff I’ve commercially released of late… a direction I’d like to go back in

WARNING: contains unpleasant time signatures all out of whack


another live song, up close & personal

A charged atmosphere, a snide anti-Brexit dig (via Mel Brooks) and a tiny, tiny guitar.  In The Evil Empire at the final open mic, Northern Lights: lovely evening all round.  It was raw, it was intense, it was dirt-cheap and 100% Really Something Real.  Words don’t often fail me, but here… Well, take a look.

(with thanks to Stephen Bad Mother-Folker for the loan of his training-bra “axe”)

live video: 4 songs (1 new)

Into It / Face of Stone / Ulterior Motives / Slaughter Ink

Just a simple DIY compilation video of 4 acoustic performances here in Brighton – two old songs from Glow in the Dark, then one new(ish) number that’s been recorded but not yet released… and the final song’s never been heard before, written a week or so ago.  More where that came from, to be aired soon: see what you reckon.

option paralysis (or, what next?)

Snapshot 1 (24-05-2016 22-49)

high class problems

So I’m in an interesting position right now.  What to do next?  I’ve got a new album’s worth of songs recorded… plus a standalone single, all glossy like, but am currently label-less…  Am working on more songs after a brief layoff, which means the idea bank’s well and truly recharged: the urge to start recording these in turn is hard to resist.

The recordings I’ve got in reserve sound so good it’s like sitting on a heap of dynamite.  But it’s never wise to explode too soon, just for the sake of some kind of artistic house-clearing.  Then again, it won’t stay fresh forever… all this good stuff and nowhere to put it…  Except perhaps online.

How about an EP to start with?


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