AGONY ACOUSTIC gig – Thur 28 Feb, Eastbourne


My next one’s a solo effort, for Agony Magazine at Maxim’s in Eastbourne.  Might do a longer set, and some of it will be filmed – also, it’s free entry.  Since my latest gigs have all been like pushing a giant glowing crystal out of the realm of dreams and spells – into the world of reality – with waves of super-intense psychic energy… or something along those lines… it promises well.

It’s also the last acoustic set I’ll do for a little while, as the band’s about to get underway and throw out some noise.  So – all very exciting.  Speaking of recent gigs, here’s a photo from the Coach House a few days ago:


w/ thanks to Sara Jane Glendinning


Gig, Brighton, 16th Feb – w/ Greenness & Sam Cutting


Facebook event link here

 First gig of 2017, and a very auspicious start – playing at the Coach House, the most fascinating venue in Brighton, with Sam Cutting and Greenness.  Last time I played there, I was attacked by giant spiders lowered from the ceiling – it was Halloween, but even so…

The format’s interesting too: each act plays two sets of 15 minutes, which nixes the idea of Headliner vs. Underlings and adds variety for you, the discerning listener who’s smart and wonderful enough to come along (okay, leave it there before I creep myself out).

…Anyway, doors at 7.30 and music from 8 sharp x

a band (definite)… some gigs (rumoured)


by Pete Wiseman

Not been idle, as the ultra-swift sketch above shows – that’s me playing guitar at an open mic, you can tell by the eyebrows…  Or is it the eyes?

Been testing out a lot of new songs lately, getting a heavy slab of stage-time over the last few months – some of it transcendent, some of it so-so, a little of it pure fucking grim.  But even the misfires excite me – the thrill of re-dedication, of focus regained (my stamina and powers of concentration have amped up alarmingly since I quit alcohol and drugs about a year ago, and are still growing).

Okay, enough brand-management.  What news?  Put together an electric band end of last year, just a three-piece but very powerful and much more simpatico – in both senses – than my previous attempt, which was fine but hardly built to last.  Our first gig will be here in Brighton sometime around 30th March, details still tbc.  Before then I’ll be back at the Coach House with Sam Cutting on Thur 16th Feb – more info soon.

May this glorious new year bring you a few moments’ respite from the crushing fear and horror


18th Dec gig photos

Some photos by Heather Johnson of last night’s Green Door Store gig (except no. 4, by Phil of Spinning Chilli).

Went very well, especially for a first gig as a duo – that’s Mik Hanscomb of Junkboy on 12-string guitar – and there’s more to come next year.  But for now, a high note to finish 2016 on.

Agony Magazine – live performance video

Here’s a live performance of an unreleased song for Agony Magazine – there were 3 tracks recorded that day, so maybe more to follow at some point.  It was super-efficient and lots of fun, which hopefully comes across on video.

I’ll probably be playing this number at my late-December gig, as mentioned in the previous entry

Dec gig flyer