gig, Thur 13 April – with electric band

event link here

The acoustic guitar’s in a hempen funeral basket: time to pick up the electric guitar again, with a good band behind me.
Dazed & Awake presents –

Octopuses (Bouncy Castle single launch!)
alt indie dance from the bottom of the (Brighton) sea

Matt Finucane + band
chanelling Lou Reed stylings with backing band

AK Patterson
folk singer songwriter

live at the Prince Albert on Thursday 13th April
Doors Open: 8pm
Entry: £4
tickets on the door only


electric band ready to go…

…So we did  4 songs on Saturday night at an open mic, courtesy Southwestsiide.   A warm-up for our gig on April 13th – given how well it went, the debut proper’s going to be massive & beyond.

1st photo, l-r: Stephen Bad Mother Folker, some guy with a dented plastic head, Mik Hanscomb – a veritable supergroup

live video, Green Door Store gig

3 songs from the Green Door Store, Dec 16

Here’s a video of highlights from the I, Ludicrous support gig at the end of last year – with me on guitar is Mik Hanscomb of Junkboy.  We’ve got more gigs lined up, including a full-band debut in April and another performance as a duo in Spring… till then, see what you think of the new sound.

AGONY ACOUSTIC gig – Thur 28 Feb, Eastbourne


My next one’s a solo effort, for Agony Magazine at Maxim’s in Eastbourne.  Might do a longer set, and some of it will be filmed – also, it’s free entry.  Since my latest gigs have all been like pushing a giant glowing crystal out of the realm of dreams and spells – into the world of reality – with waves of super-intense psychic energy… or something along those lines… it promises well.

It’s also the last acoustic set I’ll do for a little while, as the band’s about to get underway and throw out some noise.  So – all very exciting.  Speaking of recent gigs, here’s a photo from the Coach House a few days ago:


w/ thanks to Sara Jane Glendinning


Gig, Brighton, 16th Feb – w/ Greenness & Sam Cutting


Facebook event link here

 First gig of 2017, and a very auspicious start – playing at the Coach House, the most fascinating venue in Brighton, with Sam Cutting and Greenness.  Last time I played there, I was attacked by giant spiders lowered from the ceiling – it was Halloween, but even so…

The format’s interesting too: each act plays two sets of 15 minutes, which nixes the idea of Headliner vs. Underlings and adds variety for you, the discerning listener who’s smart and wonderful enough to come along (okay, leave it there before I creep myself out).

…Anyway, doors at 7.30 and music from 8 sharp x