enter the spook haus: (psychic) adventures in electro

Ceredigion, October ’23

Exciting developments: been working on new, electronics-based tracks with producer Gethin Pearson (Bloc Party/The Enemy/Tankus The Henge/Charli XCX, among many others) at the Institute of Sonic Architecture in Wales, with a co-writing assist from Paul Hopton.  It went beautifully well, and I aim to share the results quite soon…

Meantime, got a couple more gigs in a few days:

Thur 19 Oct at The Prince Albert w/ The Last Vinci, Nil By Habit & Ahsoka

Sun 22 Oct at The Brunswick (Cellar Bar) w/ Grunt Work, Be Kind Cadaver & Fae As Folk



more faces, Aug-Sept ’23

angst, neck chains & pulsing veins… a drummer, 2 stages, a narcissist in the toilet:

photos by Leroy Brown, Rob Trendy, Chris Hibberd &c

Barelife / MF / Nancy Cancer: the faces, June ’23

photos by Chris Hibberd (The Pipeline, Brighton, 29 June)

That was a phenomenal night – maybe one of the best ever.  A superb gig with lovely people – oh the atmosphere!  Thanks to Nancy Cancer for a terrific debut performance and Barelife for a throbbing industrial climax.  Grunge, post punk, techno: all the good stuff.  It’s gigs like these that make it worthwhile.  More to come!

one life to live…

So it’s been a while, and so what – we’re all busy.  Anyway, not been idle: recorded 12 new songs at Third Circle, did some gigs… it’s a good life.

The guy who runs the studio worked with Steve Albini for a couple of years and has a similar live energy ethos – very happy with the results.  Hope to have something for you soon x

Safe House 7

played so obnoxious on this. It felt great

Safe House Brighton returns with a seventh LP of improvised music – I’m on three tracks, 7), 8) & 16), playing treated recordings, rockist guitar (listen above) & ambient doom riffs, respectively.  Full LP here.

I’ve been on several of these now, a project that began in the solitary madness of lockdown and was too powerful to die.  This will probably be my last go-round – but I haven’t decided yet.

Here’s the blurb:

A system of 18 trios were created, whereby no one player could play with the same person more than once. Cards with the 18 players names on were shuffled and depending on the order they were drawn, each player was given a number. These 18 musicians sent in a recording of themselves playing, between 4 and 6 minutes long. This solo performance/recording was sent to the player “below” them to play along with. This recorded duet was then sent to the player “below” them to play along with.

Players were invited to record whatever they wanted, whilst listening to and accompanying the track “above”.

The final trio of each unique group is what you are listening to here!

Previous LPs:






Digest, discuss, disgust


cadavers, monkeys & agony: the evidence

Some photos from Thursday’s gig at The Pipeline, courtesy Chris Hibberd: pic 3) Be Kind Cadaver, pic 6) The Organ Grinder’s Monkey, pic 8) by Mik Hanscomb.


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