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live video: 4 songs (1 new)

Into It / Face of Stone / Ulterior Motives / Slaughter Ink

Just a simple DIY compilation video of 4 acoustic performances here in Brighton – two old songs from Glow in the Dark, then one new(ish) number that’s been recorded but not yet released… and the final song’s never been heard before, written a week or so ago.  More where that came from, to be aired soon: see what you reckon.

gig video (London, 4/16)

Here are three songs taken from last month’s London gig – In The Evil Empire, Self Possession and Moon Madness.  Scrutinize at leisure.

Halloween ’15: live vid

Mere words can’t really do it justice  – so here’s the blurb from Youtube:

Heckled by Satan! Attacked by Dark Spiders!
Even so, 3 songs performed live on All Hallows’ Eve before various pagan beings… I leave the rest to yr fevered imaginations… (includes a brief tribute to Lou Reed) x


Halloween GIG of inspired madness

C Hse Halloween

be afraid… but be intrigued, too

I’m a Dark Spider, apparently.  Or maybe performing solo & jumping out of a coffin at people.  Anyway, got no idea what to expect – other than it’ll be great – and here’s a link.

It’s At The Coach House, and therefore will be mental & beyond… Also ties in neatly as a celebration of Lilith coming out.
…And as an exaltation of the evil spirits of the unclean dead rising to destroy the living, of course. All good wholesome fun.

“Happy Happy Halloween, Sil-verrr Shaaamrock!”  x

Kind words from Shindig Magazine, radio play & GIG – TONIGHT

Screenshot 2015-10-15 15.58

recommendation indeed – but stick around, there’s more…

Shindig Magazine had some good words for Lilith – see above (or here’s the link).

Doing a free gig in Brighton tonight at Molly Malone’s for StrungOut Music.  Onstage early, 8:30ish, which is good: working on a new EP during the day, so it’ll be back-to-back music action – when I hit the stage, adrenaline will flow.

You can hear Lilith on RoundSound Radio – biggest independent online station in the North West, apparently.  Looks like a good show, all kindsa stuff going on.  That’s from 8pm this eve.

Finally… got a nice (brief) write-up from SupaJam, complete with Soundcloud link.

So that’s 3 different ways you can check out the song and hear for yourself, since I’ll also be playing it live acoustic: have a reckon.  x


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