2 new-old free downloads (and a gig)

Here are two free downloads, moved across to Bandcamp from Soundcloud:

a BBC Introducing: South session with my previous live band…


…and a studio track recorded at the same time as Lilith and In The Evil Empire


Live-wise, my next gig’s in Brighton at Campbell Rd Studios, for these guys:

Please, feel free to pig out on all of the above.



Another story published by Ether Books (and it’s FILTH)

MF bleeder

Internet short fiction publisher Ether Books has just published another story of mine as a free download.  This one’s called Lucky Bleeder, and was performed in London by White Rabbit at one of their Are You Sitting Comfortably events in 2012.  It’s about sex – of an unpleasantly strenuous kind – and it’s 666 words long, which was pure coincidence.

It can also be found in my recent Kindle compilation, The Gift of Fear.

The Ether app can be downloaded from iTunes here.


Gift of Fear

20 tales of terror, the supernatural and the super-real: a richly-varied journey from the horrors of the human mind to the depths of space.

You’ll meet people in these pages whose fearful struggles will grab you hard, and some you’ll wish you’d never met at all…  But either way, you won’t forget them.

Evil beings, experiments gone hideously wrong, psychopaths, erotic maniacs in league with the outer gods, sinister corporations and ghosts from the future.  If you get nightmares, just remember: it’s THE GIFT OF FEAR.

available on Kindle not for free, but very reasonably priced (here’s a little background info, if you’re interested).

A lucky 13 days from Xmas, too.

short story (re)published by Ether Books

Internet short fiction publisher Ether Books has just re-issued a story of mine as a free download.  It’s called Complaint from the Other World, was originally published in (print magazine) New Horizons; later performed in Brighton by White Rabbit at one of their Are You Sitting Comfortably events in 2010 – more on them in the previous post…

The Ether app can be downloaded here.  This enables you to read all kinds of stuff on the shiny modern appliance of your choice, and is therefore great.  (More writing-related news soon.)

my 1st cover version…

the end of a self-imposed tradition

Have put a cover on Youtube of a song called Special to Me.  Normally I never play covers, but what the hell.  Why this particular song?  No idea.

It’s taken from a fantastic 1974 trash musical/horror flick directed by Brian De Palma called Phantom of The Paradise, and was written by Paul Williams.  It was peformed by gorgeous Jessica Harper, whom I’ve made no attempt to imitate – that’d just be damn silly.

Hope you enjoy:

EDIT: Just got my first Youtube “dislike” on this – which, of course, makes me feel I’m doing something right.

2nd album notes

“Ghostly shit skittering”?  What the hell’s that supposed to mean?  Well, it was in my production notes, must’ve made sense at the time…

Anyway, last night’s recording session involved miking up a rattling bowl of pebbles, working like a lunatic to get the guitars slightly out of tune in just the right kind of wayand stuff like trying to capture a bass with a “hydraulic whoosh“, “ghostly shit skittering” and “mouldy ice block synths“.  Oh, and that particularly tinny, lumpen kind of British bass guitar sound from 70’s glam rock – but that’s only on one track, don’t worry.

So, work on album #2’s still going very well – it’s got a tracklist, a title and cover art too, but it’s a little early to go into all that (it’s not appearing till next July, after all).

short film #5 now on God Is In The TV

The fifth and final story I filmed can now be watched on God Is In The TV  webzine.

It is, as usual, the same old hackneyed bollocks about sensitive indie types and their dysfunctional relationships.  Actually, no it’s not – not in the slightest.  It’s another freaky horror story; for anyone who’s ever had a run-in with psychotic shopping centre security guards, it should give a spooky little chill.

It was a lot of fun to make, and I hope a lot of fun to watch, in its twisted way.  Here it is:

I’d like to thank Bill Cummings at GIITTV for his patience and willingness to try something different in going with the idea.