1st session, album #2

spent yesterday recording songs and having a comedy horn blasted in my face.  It just doesn’t get better than this.

Started on recording the 2nd album.  Apart from the vocals being tentative – and therefore weak – it was a pretty productive session.  Once I’ve got all the basic guitar tracks down I can re-record the singing, then start fleshing out the songs; meddle with them till they’re unrecognizable, even.  They’re all very new, haven’t been aired live (hence the uncertainty), so I’m not tied to them emotionally;  if it feels right, they could be stripped down again, completely re-structured, lose the guitar, find permutations of sound hitherto unimagined, ineffable aural perspectives never before glimpsed by humankind…  Well, it’s a possibility.

I love that.  And it was all harmless fun.

Good to be back in London – knowing I could leave – and good to catch up with friends, good to be doing music.  Also, shot a few minutes of footage that might go into the video for Hands Up.  Had to stand very still while someone let off a big, comedy horn (the irate honking kind with black squeeze bulb) right into my face without warning.  Very hard not to shriek and jump two feet in the air like a simpering girl’s blouse each time, which of course was the point of the whole exercise.

So – a rich harvest indeed.  The projected new album doesn’t even have a title, and there’s a lot of work still to do.  The timing may seem a little odd, given that album #1 hasn’t yet been released; but it’s also satisfying to remind myself what all this is an aid of, namely music an’ shit.  (Yeah… I’m not just stroking my own bloated veiny ego here, it’s about laying a pure and pristine offering on the altar of the muse… right?)

Anyway, sounding good so far.


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