the single: reviewed

Hello.  My name’s Matt, and I’m weeping milky tears of joy…

Here’s the first coverage of my first single, Wet Dream Disaster, in Brighton Source magazine:

(It’s a little way down the page – I’ll archive it in full in the PRESS section presently.)

They’ve picked up on the spunk motif, which is misleading – it’s not really about bodily fluids, but why let that get in the way of a catchy title?  My younger self, striving away in the musical hinterlands so pious, serious and right-on, would be elaborately and self-righteously horrified.  But I’ve kept faith with my creative hopes in one important respect: no compromise.  None.

Good review, too.

(EDIT: If you’re reading this in 2021 – or any year with a “2” in the middle – I can only salute your completism: I’ve just deleted the single as a separate item, so it can now only be heard on the album.  It’s been a while and the back catalogue’s getting a bit out of hand…  Still not keen on compromise, mind.)

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