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Every week should be this way.

Talk about worlds colliding.  Last Monday, gigged the legendary rock oubliette Hope & Anchor, N1.  I’ve a lot of affection for that place – my old band played it loads of times, and I’ve had some great nights there.  It’s an old-school stripped-down rock sweatbox in the best sense – the power of crowd and sound focus into a great white wall of energy, driving you effortlessly, till you feel Olympian and mellow like a 1920’s crooner – even while screaming your fucking head off.  Entranced!

Deliberate headlined and I guested on a few songs with them; and as before, Chris added laptop noise during my set to The Black Membrane.  This time it was phenomenal – the whole room immersed in surging fog, floes and crackles.  I love this shit, I truly do.

Then during the week I met up with a director about a lead part in a film.  It was just one of those random things that falls into your lap out of nowhere, and would be foolish (and ungrateful to Luck, Chance, whoever) not to investigate.  It seemed to click, so a few days later I went for the audition.

Not something I’ve ever done before.  Daunting and alien.  A very heightened experience, an atmosphere superficially informal but charged with intent.  There was a camera, lights, a row of people sat watching, and a script I had 5 minutes to look at.  I will never, ever take the piss out of actors again.

Did the scene opposite a middle-aged guy reading a girl’s part, then had to ad-lib.  On-camera.  Know what?  Once I’d adjusted, I slipped right into it and absolutely loved it.  Obliquely similar to the kind of buzz you get doing a gig – total awareness, total control on an almost sub-atomic level.  Anyway, suddenly it was over, “we’ll let you know”, and there I was out in the street wondering what just happened.  Much as it sounds like an acceptance speech for the Also-Ran’s Wooden Spoon Award, I enjoyed it so much it’s kind of irrelevant if I even get the part.  As unexpected tangents in life go, this was hard to beat.

Anyway, must’ve done okay, because they want me back to screen-test with potential female leads.

And lest we forget – a still from my video (see previous entry).  I didn’t do anything like this at the audition, I should add.

Bukkake? Kabuki...

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