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It’s here: Hands Up single & video released today

The single Hands Up can be bought at Bandcamp, or through Amazon and all the other usual outlets…  Also, there’s a video on Youtube – check it out.

on sale now

a volcano in a brothel

It’s not a mess of cardboard, tin foil and spray-on lube, it’s an installation.

Been finishing up the artwork for the album.  It looks like the above-mentioned gaudy nightmare, or maybe the sickest box of chocolates you ever saw.  For a glossy effect – a dewy sheen, even – I sprayed the assembled layers with what I thought was tanning lotion.  I’m told it’s actually an “instant glisten” oil, ie. something people spray on themselves to look all sleek.

Here are some samples of the work in progress:

Wet Dream Disaster: released

After what feels like several lifetimes’ worth of preparation, the single’s now available to buy.  If you go to the Music page you’ll find it available via Bandcamp (complete with lyrics and video).  If you feel like searching around various other internet bazaars instead, like Spotify or Amazon, you’ll find it there too.

I also have a few copies left of the promo CD, complete with handmade sleeve and unique enamel paint splatters – but you’ll have to come to a gig if you want one of those.

God, that’s a milestone straddled.  There will be a second single called Hands Up out in July – details to follow.