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enter the spook haus: (psychic) adventures in electro

Ceredigion, October ’23

Exciting developments: been working on new, electronics-based tracks with producer Gethin Pearson (Bloc Party/The Enemy/Tankus The Henge/Charli XCX, among many others) at the Institute of Sonic Architecture in Wales, with a co-writing assist from Paul Hopton.  It went beautifully well, and I aim to share the results quite soon…

Meantime, got a couple more gigs in a few days:

Thur 19 Oct at The Prince Albert w/ The Last Vinci, Nil By Habit & Ahsoka

Sun 22 Oct at The Brunswick (Cellar Bar) w/ Grunt Work, Be Kind Cadaver & Fae As Folk



live session, Radio Reverb: listen back

Here’s a live session / interview I did for Pete Jones the other day on Radio Reverb (at 33min 58 onwards)…


There’s two unrecorded new tracks – one so new  that I cocked up the intro twice, the suspense is incredible – and two from the forthcoming EP:

Not Too Far / Threaten Me with Your Love / Looking For A Genius / Moon Madness

There’s plenty of other tunes and chat, some of which took a weirdly confessional left-turn; a solid listen all round.  See if you can tell how wretched my hayfever was; I reckon it doesn’t show at all, but what do you think?