93 Feet East & music vid #2


Put the megaphone down and your hands up

More fun in the capital.  Every time I visit London now, a grimy wave of nostalgia passes over me – how could I have given up all this?  The density, the dirt, the vivid sense of great things afoot?  Well, I had little choice – but that’s another story.  Besides, the feeling soon passes.  It’s always good to come back for a gig, though.

So, played 93 Ft East on 28th March – and had a pretty good time, all considered.  It’s interesting trying to convert a largely uncommitted audience who don’t know or much care who you are.  It can go either way, but this time it worked; crested the uphill part of the gig, fought through the tumbleweed inertia moment, and by the end had largely drawn them in.  Maybe it was the megaphone; I’ve always wanted to hassle people who bugger off for a smoke and a chat, and this is the ideal tool.  In fact I’d better stop using it soon, or I’ll come to rely on it too much, turn it into a wacky novelty: uurgh.  But it helped, which was funny.

Afterward, someone told me my lyrics are “too strong”, and “not what people want to hear” – whatever that’s supposed to mean.  A compliment, in a way.  YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!  Call me a pervert, but I was pleased.  So I don’t – can’t – deal in reassuring, feel-good, love-struck platitudes; why is that any worse coming from a guy with an acoustic guitar than, say, two laptops and a strobe-light tied to his head?  Someone’ll have to explain it to me.  Ah what the hell – some people dug it, the rest… just had to sit tight for half an hour.

Spent the following day in Brighton Electric Studios shooting footage for a new music vid.  This is to accompany Hands Up, the second single (due in July, shortly before the album).  Still feels weird, miming – especially trying to play guitar at the same time and make it all look real, kinetic.  Can’t deny it was fun; exhausting and weird, but fun, like some kind of sashaying whole-body Karaoke.  And some people do this kind of thing a lot – what does that do to their minds?

Perhaps I’ll find out.

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